The tree is up at Dröm UK and we are feeling incredibly festive!  To help everyone share our Christmas spirit we have decided to drop the prices on a selection of Showroom favourites 🙂   Have a browse through the fantastic bargains below and give us a call on +44(0)1932 355655  if you are interested in any of our products or have any queries.   We look forward to hearing from you.


 ‘ASIA’ Sauna – Ex Display

(W 2935mm x D 2365mm x H 2100mm)


The  ex-display ‘Asia’ is an ultra modern sauna in pale Aspen timber and is sleek and sophisticated in its design.    It has unique cantilever benches and a fibre optic lighting ladder detail to the ceiling.    The glass panels at the rear have a forest theme.

Heater not included.   For advice on suitable heaters please call our Sales Team on 01932 355655.

Condition – Very good

RRP: £24,000 +vat – £30,000 inc vat

Sale: £14,995 +vat – £17,994 inc vat

 Price excludes delivery and installation


Fully Tiled Heated Lounger – Ex display

(700mm  x 1973mm)



A fantastic opportunity to purchase this ergonomically designed, heated recliner lounger.  This lounger is covered with beautiful Sicis deep bronze and clear glass mosaic tiles.   There is a thermostat situated at the back of the base to control the level of heat distributed through the seat.

Just plug into a normal socket and relax away the stresses of everyday life….

 Condition – Very good

RRP: £5,000 +vat – £6,000 inc vat

Sale: £3,995 +vat – £4,794 inc vat

Price excludes delivery


Tylö Heaters

Tylö heaters are the pinnacle of sauna technology.  The heaters below are available on a ‘first come first served’ basis.    All prices exclude VAT and delivery.    Stones not included.


The MPE 8 comes with a separate control panel which shows the time and temperature.   It has a maximum of 3hrs running time.   Intended for sauna rooms measuring 6-12 sq m.


Article No:       T-6320 3009

RRP:                  £837.00 exc. VAT & delivery

        SALE:               £585.00  exc. VAT & delivery     



The SE8 is suitable for sauna rooms measuring 4-8 sq m.

Add a CC50 or H1 electronic control panel.



Article No:       T-6020 3019

RRP:                 £733.00 exc. VAT & delivery

 SALE:               £513.00 exc. VAT & delivery  



The Combi 6RC is a heater for dry, traditional or steam sauna bathing.  It comes with a separate H2 control panel.    For sauna rooms measuring 4-8 sq m.

Combi 6RC

Article No:           T-6230 5049

RRP:                       £1826.00 exc. VAT & delivery

SALE:                     £1278.00 exc. VAT & delivery




The Super 10 has an electronic control panel on the circular heater guard displaying time and temperature.  For wall mounting. Intended for sauna rooms measuring 10-17 sq m.

Super 10


Article No:       T-6305 0133

RRP:                 £1695.00 exc. VAT & delivery

           SALE:               £1017.00 exc VAT & delivery           




The Sport 8 has the control panel, thermostat and mechanical timer integrated into the base of the heater.  Max 3 hours running time.

Intended for sauna rooms measuring 6-12 sq m.


SPort 8


Article No:       T-6210 4009

RRP:                 £671.00 exc. VAT & delivery

         SALE:               £402.00 exc. VAT & delivery   





Buckets & Ladles

5 litre larch wood bucket with hemp rope handle.        

bucket 1


Article No:       BB-401/06

RRP:                 £40.00 exc. VAT & delivery

Sale:                £30.00 exc. VAT & delivery





5 litre larch bucket.

bucket 2

Article No:                    BB-401/05

RRP:                  £36.00 exc. VAT & delivery

Sale:                 £27.00 exc. VAT & delivery






4 litre larch bucket.


Article No:        BB-402/05bucket 3

RRP:                  £36.00 exc. VAT & delivery

Sale:                 £27.00 exc. VAT & delivery







5 litre Kambala bucket.

Bucket 4

Article No:         BB-501/05

RRP:                  £49.00 exc. VAT & delivery

Sale:                 £37.00 exc. VAT & delivery







Beautiful rustic, dimpled copper bucket with wooden handle and matching ladle.  Perfect accessory for any sauna.   

2 available.



Article No’s: 

Bucket:     T-9004 1006

 RRP:      £38.00 exc. VAT &  delivery

Sale:    £28.50 exc. VAT & delivery


Ladle:                T-9012 1006

RRP:      £16.00 exc. VAT & delivery

 Sale:    £12.80 exc. VAT& delivery




Poplar Wood ladle with leather lace.  40cm.

40 cm ladle

Article No:            BB-430/02

RRP:                      £9.50 exc. VAT & delivery

Sale:                     £7.60 exc. VAT & delivery



Poplar Wood ladle.   50cm. poplar 50

Article No:            BB-430/01

RRP:                       £11.50 exc. VAT & delivery

Sale:                     £9.20  exc. VAT & delivery


























































































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