Relax in style at Galgorm Resort & Spa

When Galgorm Resort & Spa went ahead with their £11million spa redevelopment, they approached Dröm UK to assist with the installation process of their thermal  suite .  Galgorm is an 18th Century manor house located near Ballymena, Northern Ireland on the banks of the River Maine and is now a leading destination spa.

Galgorm Resort & Spa. Hotel of the Year

The unique thermal village is the first of its kind in Ireland and boasts several saunas, steam rooms, hot tubs, a snow room and swimming pools.   Spa treatments are also available, with many involving various thermal practices.

We acted as a Consultant to the Spa, advising on various aspects of the programme including the specialist equipment needed in the sub-structure of the rooms, ventilation processes and all other mechanical and engineering specifications.

We were then appointed to supply the specialist equipment such as the bespoke steam room benching, heated loungers in the relaxation areas, and WDT experience showers.  We also supplied the sauna and steam room equipment such as heaters, generators and relay boxes.

Two of the heaters were installed into the Celtic Sauna which is where guests can experience sauna bathing at the hands of a Sauna Master with the Aufguss sauna ritual.   Every Sauna Master has his own way of performing this ritual but generally they will pour water enriched with essential oils onto the hot stones, creating a burst of scented steam, releasing the health properties of each essence.  Then they use towels to agitate the air intensifying the sensation of heat before fanning the bathers by wafting the towel in front of them, creating a wave of heat that rushes over the body. The bathers breathe deeply inhaling the healing vapours of the essences.

The Spa also has a Snow Room where guests can cool off after bathing in one of the heated rooms.   The cold enhances blood circulation and has a positive effect on the lungs and respiratory system.  It also boosts the immune and lymphatic systems.

snow cabin

The Snow Cabin at Galgorm Resort & Spa


Some of the treatments that are available are also based on thermal wellbeing.  The Mineral Mud Serail treatment is a traditional body treatment of ancient middle eastern origin.  Natural mineral rich muds are applied to the face and body before heat and steam are radiated into the room to help the ingredients infuse into your skin.   After about 15-20 minutes wash the mud off under a stimulating rain shower before applying hydrating oil to leave your body and mind relaxed and your skin glowing.

The warmth of the steam opens the pores and allows the mineral enriched mud to enter the body where it stimulates the blood flow, helping to revive tissue and stimulating the lymphatic system to encourage waste products to be washed away.

For further information on how best to use the Laconium, Herbal Caldarium, Celtic Sauna, Snow Cabin, Experience Showers and Hydrotherapy Pools please see our Drömology brochure on how to get the optimum benefits from thermal bathing or visit

For further information on our consultancy services and how they can assist you when planning your spa area please contact us on 01932 355655 or email

galgorm saunas

Download our Drömology brochure here or call 01932 355655 for a hard copy.

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