Month: September 2016

An Evening of Physical and Mental Wellbeing at Pennyhill Park Spa

Dröm UK partnered with the Spa at Pennyhill Park and Technogym UK to present a unique evening of wellness aimed at educating people about the increasing importance of physical and mental wellbeing in their everyday lives.

A group of spa professionals, interior designers, architects, holistic practitioners, press and members of the public gathered together in the beautiful setting of Pennyhill Park to meet industry experts and experience first hand the various thermal spa facilities and wellness workshops on offer.

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The afternoon began with guests sampling a selection of healthy smoothies whilst listening to the first speaker; Commonwealth medal winning decathalete Martin Brockman. Martin talked about physical wellbeing and finding that “1%”.  This included:

  • How he qualified for the 2010 Commonwealth Games by the narrowest of margins
  • How as athletes they are looking for that 1% over their opponents
  • How he trains
  • Adopting the athlete lifestyle
  • Recovery strategies
  • How we can combine these to find our 1% and gain an advantage



Martin was followed by Laura Forbes, a Bodytalk expert and Energy Practitioner.   Laura explained how the mental, emotional and physical levels have to align to create ‘wellness’. She discussed how a thought holds no power until we attach an emotion to it and the combination of ‘thought plus the emotion’ will then determine our experience. Laura also explained how the mental level is not a ‘passive observer’ and when we think we are observing ourselves i.e. ‘I’m fat’, ‘I’m scared’, we are actually instructing the physiology in our bodies to respond and create that reality.


Then the guests took advantage of the various wellbeing workshops, including thermal bathing with a Sauna Master (or Aufgiesser), training with Technogym instructors, experiencing the pure air in the Natura Bisse Bubble and yoga and meditation classes.   There was also an Ohso Chocolate representative present who brought lots of samples with her – and who was very popular!



Everyone should bathe with a sauna master at least once! Each will have his or her own techniques and rituals but basically they will pour water (or ice) enriched with essential oils onto the hot stones creating a burst of scented steam, making the air more humid and the heat seem more intense.



Then they will start waving a towel, using different movements, to agitate the hot air and circulate it around the sauna, intensifying the sensation of heat. Then they will fan the bathers by wafting the towel in front of them creating a wave of heat that rushes over their body. The bathers breathe deeply inhaling the healing vapours of the essences.   It is recommended to cool down in a plunge pool or ice room, before repeating the process several times.



The yoga and meditation class was especially popular. Our Yoga Master, Lee Hopkins, gave a taster class to a full studio and everyone agreed it was a very enlightening experience that they were keen to repeat.




The Natura Bisse Bubble was also really busy as people were intrigued with what it did! The bubble is filled with 99.9% pure air which is breathed in during various spa treatments.   The air is completely free of polluting particles and allergen agents.   It has been shown that treatments in the bubble can help prevent signs of ageing and reduce wrinkles so is very popular in the professional beauty sector.   The pure air can also help with sporting/athletic performance by regenerating respiratory tracts after work outs.


Although it was one of the hottest days of the year, a few hardy people still headed to the gym where the instructors talked them through how to get the best out of the Technogym equipment and worked through some weight based exercises.   The instructors also talked about nutrition and how to eat healthier to get the optimum benefit out of your exercise routine.




To continue the theme of wellbeing and relaxation the guests slowly gravitated to the stunning outdoor pool and hot tubs where Emma Jane Kennedy was singing. To hear more of this very talented lady please visit Barbecue canapes and drinks were served and this was a great chance for the guests to network and ask questions of the ‘experts’ about what they had just experienced in a friendly, relaxed setting.



For more information on any of our speakers or workshops, please contact Sarah Gibson on 01932 355655 or visit:

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Drömology at Pennyhill Park


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Dröm UK is passionate about wellbeing.  And we really want to educate EVERYONE about how wellbeing can benefit them in their everyday lives!    So we have collaborated with Pennyhill Park Spa and Technogym to bring you a unique event:

Drömology at Pennyhill Park

Thursday 15th September 2016

4.15pm – 9.00pm

This event is aimed at showing how to incorporate wellness easily into daily routines and also for spa professionals, architects, designers and  developers to understand more about the concept of including spa areas into their projects.

We have brought together some of the industry’s top companies and speakers to help demonstrate the importance of wellness, both physically and mentally, in the beautiful setting of the 5* Spa at Pennyhill Park.   And what better way to discover how to improve your wellbeing habits than by trying them out!   We have provided a selection of workshops to showcase various disciplines.

To finish the evening off, we have live music and a barbeque by the outdoor pool.


image courtesy of good spa guide

Schedule of Events:

4.15 pm Welcome Drink & Canapes

4.30 pm Physical Wellbeing: Guest speaker Martin Brockman (Commonwealth Bronze Decathalete)

5.00 pm Mental Wellbeing: Laura Forbes (Energy Practitioner)

5.30 pm Meet the Experts Your chance to ask questions of our various wellbeing professionals

Then experience the amazing wellness benefits of Pennyhill’s five star thermal heaven facilities (Worth in excess of £120pp) and/or join our various Wellness Workshops below:

Sauna Master Experience 6.40/7.20pm

Fitness Circuits/Demos 6.40/7.20pm

Natura Bisse Bubble Experience

Meditation/Yoga demonstrations

7.30-9.00pm Live Music from Emma Stevens / BBQ

As you would expect, tickets for this event are going fast and there are limited places available.  If you would like to reserve your tickets please contact:

Sarah Gibson on 01932 355655 or email

Alternatively contact Rachel Warnes at Technogym: