You can keep your hat on!

Wear a hat in a sauna?  Why would anyone want to do that?   Isn’t it hot enough already?!


Well yes it probably is.   However, although the heat from a sauna stimulates the internal organs, opening up the skin’s pores and helping reduce levels of toxins and impurities in the body, it doesn’t have the same therapeutic effect on the brain.   The capillaries in the head don’t react well to intense heat, with the head heating up quicker than the rest of the body, which can result in the bather experiencing nausea, faintness, headaches or dizziness.   Not a great feeling to have when you are supposed to be relaxing.   This leads to people bathing at lower temperatures or abandoning their sauna session early to get some relief by taking a cool shower or heading to the plunge pool.

Many bathers, especially in Scandinavian countries, wear felt sauna hats whilst using the sauna.    The felt acts as an insulator against the heat, keeping your head dry and cool.  This enables them to remain in the sauna for longer periods thereby gaining optimum benefit from bathing at higher temperatures.


Sauna hats are mainly made from wool felt and you will find a huge variety of colours and designs on the internet.   Dröm UK have hats on display at their Showroom in Byfleet.   For more information on how to buy, call us on 01932 355655 or visit to check out our discounted prices.

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