National Sickie Day? Not at Dröm UK …..


So today, February 6th, is #nationalsickieday!  The first Monday in February is the day that traditionally sees a higher number of UK employees absent from work through sickness including colds, flu, stress, back pain and other ailments.   Bear in mind that this is also the first weekend after Dry January for many, so add hangover and alcohol related problems to that list!

One way of beating the winter cold and flu season, and thus helping you to avoid being a statistic on National Sickie Day, is to concentrate on your physical wellbeing throughout the year.   Thermal wellbeing is one way of staying healthy, and with most gyms and spas having at least one sauna and/or steam room, it is fairly accessible to all .   Bathing in saunas or steam rooms has a profound effect on your heart, brain and skin, helping to detoxify your body and reinvigorate you.

The heat encourages you to sweat, which opens the skin’s pores and helps reduce the level of toxins and impurities in the body, eliminating waste and reducing the load put on the kidneys.   Sauna bathing also lowers blood pressure temporarily and improves circulation as the blood cells dilate, increasing the oxygen levels around the body.

Herbal Sauna 1

Herbal sauna at Hotel Campiglio Bellavista, Italy

There are also many benefits to steam bathing too.   The heat produced by the steam helps the blood vessels to dilate which increases blood circulation which can help provide relief from headaches and boost your immune system.  Inhaling the steam is a great treatment for respiratory complications and is recommended for dealing with the common cold, flu, bronchitis, sinusitis, asthma and allergies.   Dry air passages are moistened and mucus is loosened by coughing or blowing the nose.


Bella Steam Room – Dröm UK

Adding fragrances and/or herbs to your sauna or steam session can also help improve certain ailments. Different herbs have different benefits.  For example, Pine or Eucalyptus fragrances can help with finding relief from infections, coughs and colds and also help relieve aches and pains.   Citrus fragrances are very uplifting and can help with feelings of depression, anxiety, nervous tension and stress.

Another way to help alleviate respiratory problems is to sit in a salt room.  Salt therapy, or Halotherapy, is high effective in reducing the symptoms of asthma and allergies.


Backlit, colour changing salt wall – Dröm UK

For more information on thermal bathing rituals and their benefits, and how they can help you navigate the winter flu season relatively unscathed, click here

IMG_9229 dpi

Drömology – Wellbeing Personified


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