Techno Spa

The benefits of relaxing in a spa are well documented – peace, tranquillity, soothing music gently playing in the background.

But what if that soothing music was techno, dance music with a thumping beat?!  Would you still reap the same benefits?

Not everyone relaxes in the same way.   We are all different and what works for one person may not work for another.   So why shouldn’t we have wellbeing areas with loud music?

Music has proven effects on wellbeing.   Students at Manchester University found that when the sacculus organ in the inner ear responded to the beat in loud music it caused the brain to be stimulated into releasing feel good hormones which make you happier and calmer.

Loud music works on the auto nervous system to release endorphins which are the body’s natural painkillers. These act as an analgesic and a sedative.   Dopamine is also released which motivates us, helping us to work towards rewarding goals and to seek out pleasurable activities that impact positively on us.  It also helps us to stay mentally alert.

Liquidrom Spa pool, Berlin

Some spas are beginning to realise the uplifting effects of dance music on our moods and are starting to incorporate this into their wellbeing rooms, holding techno themed evenings for clients and guests.   The Liquidrom Spa in Berlin has a saltwater pool where you can float and swim and listen to the underwater techno music from sophisticated sound systems.   They also have weekly DJ sets.   This can result in guests leaving the spa feeling refreshed and alert – and ready to continue partying!

Happy Friday everyone!


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