Thermal Wellbeing through the Ages – Part 3 ‘Middle’ Age!

When we reach our 50’s and 60’s we tend to become more aware of little niggly aches and pains that come from a life well lived!  Thermal wellbeing really can come into it’s own here and sauna bathing and use of a steam room can help alleviate the symptoms of arthritis, back pain and general muscle soreness for example.  Combine this with Halotherapy and bronchial problems can be greatly eased too.

Salt wall and heated loungers


One of the major life issues that effects women when they reach their early 50’s is the menopause and sauna bathing can really help with some of the main symptoms of perimenopause and actual menopause.

During menopause the levels of oestrogen in the body changes.     These changes can lead to several physiological changes including hot flushes, mood swings and an imbalance in the nervous and immune systems.   Sweat bathing in a sauna, or steam room, stimulates the autonomic nervous system, which can temporarily reduce the effects of the hormonal changes.   Increased hormone levels also effect vascular function which constricts the blood vessels.  Bathing in the heat of a sauna can lower blood pressure temporarily and improves circulation as blood vessels dilate.  This increases the oxygen levels around the body which helps you feel better.

Sauna bathing can greatly help alleviate symptoms of the menopause

Once you stop menstruating (which is an elimination cycle for the whole body), the body needs to find another way of removing toxins.   The heat from sauna and steam bathing opens the skin’s pores and helps reduce levels of toxins and impurities, eliminating waste and reducing the load put on the kidney’s. This toxin removal can lead to less hot flushes.

Using an Infrared sauna is just as effective at helping to relax and reduce tension and stress associated with mood swings.   Excessive sweating can also move the body through the hormonal fluctuations quicker leading to a better night’s sleep with less hot flushes.  There are also some reports out that claim infrared heat can help relieve the pain from conditions such as osteoporosis, which is another symptom connected to menopause.

It sounds like a nightmare to use heat to combat the dreaded hot flushes, but it does work! And once you’ve finished in the sauna, pop into the ice room or plunge pool to cool down and really combat those flushes!

Head to the ice room to cool down and combat hot flushes!

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