Thermal Wellbeing through the Ages – Part 4 ‘The Golden Age’

This is a time in your life when the body tends to get a bit slower, if it’s not looked after.   With our health care services and a general increase in the awareness of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, the population is living longer.   But what is the point of living longer if we have to experience pain and discomfort?  Heat therapy can help to relieve the physical ailments of ageing and is an enjoyable, sociable and relaxing way to help make everyday tasks a lot easier to undertake.

Heat is a great way of alleviating aches, pains and joint stiffness and infrared saunas are excellent for assisting with the symptoms of arthritis by boosting blood flow and reducing inflammation in the joints. The radiant heat can also help with muscle spasms, neuralgia and other muscular skeletal ailments.

A recent study compiled by researchers at the University of Eastern Finland and The University of Jyvaskyla have found that frequent sauna bathing can lower the risk of death from heart disease in middle aged and elderly people.   The heat lowers blood pressure and increases the heart rate, increasing circulation as the blood cells dilate, increasing the oxygen levels around the body.   They found that people who used a sauna around 5 times a week were 73% less likely to experience cardiovascular problems.

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Halotherapy is increasing in popularity as people start to understand the benefits of salt inhalation on wellbeing in general.   It is easy to use and is very beneficial for the older generation.   As we age, we experience a less aggressive immune response which leaves us more susceptible to viruses, but regular use of halotherapy can help assist the immune system to fend off colds and flu and can also help alleviate bronchial problems.   The great thing about halotherapy is that it can be combined with heat therapies such as infrared saunas or heated loungers.   What could be better than relaxing in soothing heat experiencing the health benefits of salt, whilst reading or socialising with friends?!

Thermal bathing is a great way to catch up and spend quality time with friends and family, and as we reach retirement age we hopefully have more time on our hands to spend on doing things we enjoy.   Let’s not let aches and pains get in the way of an active social life!



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